Sigma testing system Sigma testing system
Welcome to parallel computing testing system!


Testing system SIGMA is a bank of tests — sets of questions for testing students' knowledge in different areas of parallel computing.

You can use previously prepared question sets, create your own test that is more relevant to the features of your course, take part in collective work of professionals in creating shared bank of questions and exercises, or you can self-test your knowledge in any chosen area — these are the tasks this system is intended to solve.

Tests that are offered to students are prepared by teachers who compose tests from questions that have been prepared by a large team of professional experts and checked by editors of Sigma. Questions are grouped according to the structure of parallel computing subject area. This is a dynamic and rapidly evolving area that involves more and more new specialists, and therefore the bank of tests and questions is being costantly supplemented with new material.

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Overall system statistics

questions:  226
testings carried out:  313
universities:  5     faculties:  6
students:  4207     teachers:  14     editors:  2     experts:  2